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Alles is opperbest verlopen in Gambia. Abdoulie is waarachtig een keigoede gids, de Gambianen zijn een warm en vriendelijk volk en de zon was zalig (de laatste drie dagen).

Binnenkort bezorg ik je de foto's voor de website van Abdoulie.




Abdoulie has twice taken me out bird-watching all over The Gambia and Senegal. He has a real passion for the wildlife which he shared with me, taking me to well-known, as well as much lesser known places.

Abdoulie's local knowledge is invaluable travelling round these countries, he just sorted everything.

I highly recommend Abdoulie as a wildlife guide, you will have a great time and really get to know the countries beyond the main tourist hotspots.


Bei meinen mittlerweile drei Reisen nach The Gambia und in den Senegal wurde ich/wir zwei Mal von Abdoulie begleitet. Mich hat er bei der Planung der Reise unterstützt, die Buchungen vorgenommen, Ausflüge organisiert und sich um weitere organisatorische Dinge gekümmert, damit mein Urlaub perfekt wurde.
Abdoulie ist ein sehr engagierter und aufmerksamer Birdguide. Er kennt die Beobachtungsplätze in beiden Ländern und hat ein sehr gutes Wissen über die dort vorkommenden Arten.
Es ist angenehm mit ihm zu reisen. Er ist ein freundlicher und hilfsbereiter Guide, hat auch im Senegal sehr gute Ortskenntnisse und verfügt über die nötigen Sprachkenntnisse.
Er hat mich als Bird-Guide begleitet, war Fahrer (ein sehr guter übrigens) und er hat mir ein wenig vom Land und dem Leben in Gambia gezeigt. Ganz herzlichen Dank hierfür :-)
Es waren wunderschöne Reisen in beeindruckende Länder mit zahlreichen interessanten Beobachtungen.
Behalte die Sonne Afrikas für immer in deinem Herzen ;-)



During my now three trips to The Gambia and Senegal I was/we were accompanied by Abdoulie twice.
He has supported me in planning the trip, made the bookings, organized tours and taking care of other organizational matters, so that my holiday has been perfect.
Abdoulie is a very dedicated and attentive Bird Guide. He knows the observation places in both countries and has a very good knowledge about the species occurring in.
It\'s a pleasant to travel with him. He is a friendly and helpful guide, has -also in Senegal- a very good local knowledge and the necessary language skills.
He has been with me as a Bird Guide, was the driver (by the way a very good) and he showed me a little of the country and the life in Gambia. Thank you very much for this :-)
These were beautiful travels in impressive countries with numerous interesting observations.
Keep the sun of Africa forever in your heart ;-)



We were a group of 8 portuguese birdwatchers, most of them by the second time in Gambia & Senegal.
As my first time here, I really enjoyed both countries and we found in Abdoulie an execellent guide and a friend always ready to help and good humour.
The Birds in Senegambia speak by themselves, but without a guide to show them we would miss most of it and so, Abdoulie is our guy !
Thank you for your whole assistance and also for the coffee after lunch time!
See you in a near future.

Maria João


Had a 10 day tour with this man, what a great guy to explore the birdlife of Gambia with Adoulie is the master of bird identification and expert at finding birds.
We opted for a trip upriver to Tendaba including a boat trip around the mangroves ,we were not disappointed the birdlife was great and the accommodation and evening meal at Tendaba adequate.On our way back to Kotu we made frequent stops for birds which abdoulie had spotted along the roadside , a great trip well recommended.
Will use this Gambian birdguide again on our next trip to Gambia in 2016 !!!!!

Ray Purser


What a great Guide his knowledge of the Birdlife of Gambia is second to none and finding and Identifying birds is his forte.
Abdoulie will give you value for money every-time his enthusiasm for birding is contagious and if you have a particular target bird in mind he will pull out all the stops to make sure you come away happy!
We did a 10 day tour with the man and cannot recommend him enough.

Ray Purser & Paul V Wilkins


I spent a week in beautiful Gambia in November 2016 with a big group from Gothenburg Ornithological Society, Sweden. This was a fantastic tour that gave about 265 different species, whereof approximately 160 were new to me. Abdoulie was one of our two guides and I must say that he is a fantastic guide. He knows all the birds, including their songs and calls, and has an incredible talent to spot them far far away and find them! He is also a very nice and careful guy with a great sense of humour. I rely completely on him and can definitely recommend him as a high class bird watching tour guide! Hope to see you again, Abdoulie!

Mats Bjersing, Gothenburg, Sweden


We had the pleasure of meeting Abdoulie 3 times. 2 times he was our taxi driver on an excursion. He is a very relaxed en skillfull driver with a good and clean car. And with good music on the road (thanks for the cd\'s). I absolutely recommend him.

He is a very friendly man with great humor. And great knowledge of birds and the surroundings in Gambia. Next time we visit Gambia we will book a trip with him for sure.

Ard and Caroline, The Netherlands.


Our holiday highlight:

We had booked a 2 day trip to tendaba camp and George Town. We spotted over 150 species of birds. Abdoulie was a great guide and we would definitely recommend him. He made our trip fun and relaxing and we look forward to travelling with him again in the future.

If we had not booked this trip our holiday would not have been as memorable! Lots of people of guides on the resorts however no one we spoke to on our hotel had as good a trip as we did!

Thank you Abdoulie!


Voor mijn tweede bezoek aan The Gambia heb ik contact gelegd met Abdoulie en een andere gids. Abdoulies specifieke kennis van de plekken in Senegal voor de Swallow tailed Kites heeft mij overtuigd om voor hem te kiezen. En daar heb ik geen moment spijt van gehad. Abdoulie bleek een scherp oog en oor te hebben en ket alle geluiden en de beste plekkne. Daarbij is zijn timing perfect. Ondanks een eerder bezoek aan The Gambia met veel soorten had ik op onze trip veel nieuwe soorten, waaronder de Finfoot, veel nieuwe roofvogels, Carmine Bee eater, Spotted Thickknee etc etc. Daarbij hebben we veel lol gehad, mensen geholpen, kortom een super vogeltrip gehad. Abdoulie, ik hoop tot snel!



I was working in The Gambia for 6 weeks during the rainy season and used Abdoulie as my guide on the weekends. He was a great guide, very knowledgeable and fun to be with.

He would often stop in what to me appeared to be in the middle of nowhere and we would trek into the woods to follow a bird call....he always found the bird! His local knowledge was superb and he managed to find several rare species on our trips up country to Tendaba and Georgetown.

I will use him again when I return to The Gambia and would recommend him highly.

Thanks Abdoulie!!

Frank Williams

Just returned to Denmark after 11 days in The Gambia with a total of 257 species. The highlight of the trip was without any doubts our 5 days with Abdoulie. We stayed in a hotel the first 6 days in Kotu but then Abdoulie took us inland for 4 days and the last day we spend on the coast with him. We visited popular birding locations like Georgetown, Tendaba, Marakissa and so on - and had 2 wonderful boat trips.

I will strongly recommend Abdoulie. Extremely good at the bird calls and to find the birds afterwards. Good knowledge about the species!

He is a relaxed guy, always a smile and will do the best for you at any second of the day. His driving skills is good and there were not a single second of the trip where I felt unsafe or scared.

Abdoulie is the man!!

When I will return to Senegambia - he is with 100 percent the man I go too.

Thanks for the great 5 days.

Best regards,

Anton Liebermann


Abdoulie is the man!
We went with him to Tendaba (2d 1n), Abuko and Marakisa. A great and observant birdwatcher with hawk eyes, and good ears. He knows all of Gambia and Senegal in his mind, he doesn\'t need a map.
5 days birding, produced 220 species of birds, largely thanks to Abdoulie!
He is easy to be around, lots of laughs, he makes some nice Gambian green tea, and he also has some great music playing in his car.


Abdoulie was a great friend and guide! We did 4-5 days birding with Abdoulie during our one week stay in Gambia. During this time we saw a total of 220 bird species! This including some very nice and rare birds (Verreaux eagle owl, african wood owl, 3 species of honey-guides, black tit, western bluebill, etc).

Abdoulie knows the birds of Senegambia very well, he also knows Gambia and Senegal like his own pocket. He doesn\'t need a map, the map is all in his head! He is a good driver, but most importantly he has a very good taste in music!

Abdoulie will really try his best to make you see as many bird species as possible. And will go to great lengths to see a target bird. Not only will you see many bird species, you\'ll also have loads of fun. I haven\'t had this much fun and laughter in a while!

When we go back to Gambia or if we go to Senegal or Guinea-Bissau we will definetly have Abdoulie as our guide, 100%!

/Raul and Caroline
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